Bolivia - Floripondio / Omni
Bolivia - Floripondio / Omni
Bolivia - Floripondio / Omni
Bolivia - Floripondio / Omni

Bolivia - Floripondio / Omni

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­Flavour Profile:  Malt // Honeycomb // Guava // Watermelon // Chocolate Mousse 


Producer: Rodriguez Family


Location: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Farm Elevation: 1710masl

Varieties: Caturra + Catuai

Process: Honey

Sourcing: Melbourne Coffee Merchants

Floripondio gets its name from the Floripondio flowers (commonly known as Angel’s Trumpet in English) that are native to the area and grow throughout the farm. The flower is thought to possess some hallucinogenic properties, and legend has it that as soon as you lay down beneath a Floripondio tree you start dreaming. This is apt, as the natural scenery at Floripondio is breathtakingly beautiful and can at times, seem like something out of a dream.

Floripondio is located in a fairly new growing region in Bolivia called Samaipata, which is located in the eastern department of Santa Cruz, at the foot of the Bolivian Andes. The farm is owned by the Rodríguez family, who also operate an exporting business called Agricafe. Their first farms were planted in Caranavi, where their wet mill is located, but in 2012 they also started exploring the region of Samaipata.  This was risky – coffee had not been produced in the region before, however, Pedro recognised the region had the right conditions to produce exceptional quality coffee, with high elevations, nutrient-rich soil and a similar climate to Caranavi’s  (with the main difference being Samaipata being a little less tropical and is also drier than Caranavi).


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