Catalina Perez Mexico / Omni Roast
Catalina Perez Mexico / Omni Roast
Catalina Perez Mexico / Omni Roast

Catalina Perez Mexico / Omni Roast

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Flavour Profile: Guava, Passionfruit Cordial, Butterscotch 

Producer: Catalina Perez

Farm: Finca Catalina

Origin: Santa Maria Ozolotopec, Oaxaca, Mexico

Elevation: 1432 masl

Variety: Typica

Process: Washed 

Sourcing: Caravela

Nestled in the misty mountain forest of the Sierra Sur in Oaxaca is Finca Catalina, named after its esteemed owner and leader Catalina Perez Pinacho. This region is known for its deep indigenous roots, vibrant coffee culture and thriving agriculture, making Catalina’s farm an important pillar of the local economy.

Catalina’s love for coffee and its transformative effect on her family’s well-being was instilled in her by her family from the beginning. And today, for more than 42 years, coffee has been her economic lifeline. She used to work alongside her husband, Alfonso Flores, who sadly passed away many years ago. However, her tireless commitment to coffee cultivation has never wavered.

In search of better opportunities, Catalina joined Caravela’s Growers’ Education Program (PECA in Spanish ) in her region in 2021. She says, “I like the way the company works. First, they offer fast payment terms; second, the technical and agronomic support they provide us is invaluable.” Currently, Catalina works on the farm with her son, enlisting the help of local labor depending on production needs or tasks.
To produce high-quality coffee, Catalina focuses on selective harvesting, 24- to 25-hour fermentation, and drying on concrete terraces lined with palm mats. Currently, 90% of the farm is cultivated with the well-known Typica variety and the remaining 10% with the Marsellesa variety.

In the off-season months, Catalina grows other crops, such as corn and bananas, to generate additional income. Looking to the future, she wants to gradually renew her coffee plantations while maintaining the highest quality standards. Catalina hopes, “I wish our customers will continue choosing our coffee, creating a mutually beneficial relationship. Let’s continue working the way we have been.”