El Salvador Uberto Calderon Vargas Washed / Omni

El Salvador Uberto Calderon Vargas Washed / Omni

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­Flavour Profile: Juice Box, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Apricot


Producer Uberto Calderon Vargas

Location San Ignacio, Chalatenango, El Salvador

Elevation 1400 masl

Variety 100% Pacamara

Process Washed

Sourcing Caravela 

During 2022 Uberto decided to approach Caravela to explore a new way of selling his coffee. Unlike some of the other producers you'll see in our lineup, Uberto decided that he doesn't want to share a lot of personal information about his family and farm. This information is often used to market coffee and highlight transparency, however this can be at the expense of farmers who will then have little control over how the information and imagery will be used. It's so important to remember that coffee is produced by real human beings and coffee can still be ethical and transparent in a business sense without expecting people to share their personal lives for the sake of marketing. This coffee speaks for itself, it's loud, sweet and super fruity!