Ethiopia Tarekech Werasa Natural / Omni
Ethiopia Tarekech Werasa Natural / Omni

Ethiopia Tarekech Werasa Natural / Omni

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­Flavour Profile: Lemon Drops, Plum Wine, Grape, Toffee


Producer Tarekech Werasa

Location Gedeb, Sidama, Ethiopia

Elevation 1900 masl

Variety Wolisho, Dega, Kudhumi, JARC 74110, 74112

Process Natural

Sourcing Melbourne Coffee Merchants


This coffee was produced by Tarekech Werasa, who grows and processes coffee on her 4.9-hectare farm, Banko Chelchele. Tarekech’s farm is named after the local kebele (local village) of Banko Chelchele, where the farm is found, in the woreda (administrative district) of Gedeb, in the Yirgacheffe region of the Gedeo political zone, which is part of Ethiopia’s Southern Nationalities, Nations, and People’s Region. The farm is privately owned and operated by Tarekech and her family.

Being able to purchase a lot from a single producer in Ethiopia is rare and incredibly special. Most farmers are not able to connect to buyers directly, and must sell their cherry at local washing stations where it is combined with other farmers’ lots, losing transparency and distinction. To access support to process and market her coffee separately, Tarekech joined the Lalisaa Project, an initiative that aims to provide opportunity and resources for smallholder farmers and to connect them to overseas buyers like MCM directly.