Peru - Anayeli Vicente / Omni

Peru - Anayeli Vicente / Omni

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Flavour Profile: Strawberry Jam // Lilac // Chocolate Mousse

Producer: Anayeli Vicente
Farm: El Laurel
Location: Jaen, Cajamarca, Peru
Farm Elevation: 1850 masl
Farm Size: 1 hectares total / 1 hectares in coffee
Varieties: Catimor
Process: Washed
Sourcing: Caravela Coffee

In the northern region of Cajamarca in Peru, we’ll find the municipality of Jaen. In this area we reach Anayeli Vicente at her farm El Laurel, named as such because of the abundance of laurel plants at the farm. She started her own coffee production in 2017 and made the switch to specialty coffee only two years ago. She is a young female producer of only 21 years who has learned everything about coffee from her mother, also a coffee producer. This passion for coffee passed to her by her mother, has always kept her motivated as it was with coffee that her mother was able to maintain her and her brothers.

Now a days at her farm, Anayeli works alongside her mother and brothers who help her with the different tasks at hand such as pruning, drying, cherry peaking and more. Since they started producing specialty coffee it has brought her a better income but also a different approach to coffee farming, looking for quality and being more detailed in the processes. Her goals right now are to keep improving her processes to achieve a better coffee quality and also start improving the infrastructure of the farm such as the wet mill and drying stations.