Colombia - Sonia Imbachi / Omni
Colombia - Sonia Imbachi / Omni

Colombia - Sonia Imbachi / Omni

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­Flavour Profile:  Green Apple // Peach // Black Tea // Boiled Candies // Date


Producer: Sonia Imbachi

Farm: Finca Buena Vista

Location: San Agustin, Colombia

Farm Elevation: 1800masl

Farm Size: 3 hectares total / 3 hectares in coffee

Varieties: Caturra

Process: Washed

Sourcing: Caravela


Sonia comes from a coffee growing family. Her parents produced coffee and she grew up around a coffee farm. When she was around twelve years old, she started to become more interested and passionate about coffee and started to learn more about the processes and how to increase quality.

It was when Sonia got married that she decided to start her own farm with her husband. They carried out many of experiments to optimise their processes to ultimately produce outstanding coffee.

Sonia’s coffee marked a huge milestone for FLOOZY, being the first coffee we were able to contract and purchase multiple harvests from one producer. This was a huge moment in FLOOZY and taught us a lot about the way we wanted to purchase coffee moving forward.