Blend Component: Esquipulas

Arlin Andino
Arlin Andino comes from a coffee growing family, so in some ways she has always been part of the production of coffee. It wasn’t until 2017 that Arlin started producing coffee on her own farm. Arlin says that it's more than a job to her, coffee is her passion and she really loves the product. She has learned that producing high quality coffee is not improvised, it is not something that happens just at the moment of the harvest. She has learned that it is a process and a constant effort has to be made at every step of production. Ontop of producing coffee, Arlin focuses on the protection of the sources of water on the farm. She feels proud that she pays fair prices to the people that work on the farm.
For Arlin, it is very important to maintain the right varieties on her farm, those that have the potential to produce specialty coffee. “I’m not afraid of leaf rust, I take advantage of the climatic conditions of my farm to grow traditional varieties and produce the best coffee possible. I’m planning to save a plot just for Maragogypes.” says Arlin. “When you drink a cup of coffee, most of the times you don’t think about all the work behind it, all the people that with their hands are involved with the process. I’ve involved myself in all these activities, I’ve placed myself in the shoes of the people that work with me, and from
there, I can see the real value of a cup of coffee. This means that, when a person drinks a coffee produced on my farm, they’re drinking all the hard work and effort.” Additionally, Arlin is now focusing on working for the community’s development. She is building a school on her farm for children to go and study, learn about coffee, and have better life opportunities.
Farm: Esquipulas
Producer: Arlin Andino (Independent Farmer)
Origin: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Varieties: Caturra, Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai
Processing: Fully washed / 24 hour fermentation