About Us

Here at Floozy Coffee Roasters, we represent all coffee lovers. Whether you drink filter or espresso, blends or microlots, we are passionate about coffee and the people who drink it.

Since roasting began in 2017, our goal has been to select coffee that we love and roast it in a way that brings a smile with every sip. We do this through the ethical sourcing of our beans, ensuring sustainable practices throughout the business, and making coffee that accommodates all coffee drinkers.

How do we source our coffee?
In coffee roasting you often hear the buzz words ‘transparency’ and ‘traceability’ but what do they actually mean?

Transparency within the coffee roasting industry means knowing where the coffee beans come from, who produced it and how much the producer is being paid. At Floozy we make every effort to ensure that the farmers we work with are paid correctly and that we are encouraging a fair and ethical coffee supply chain.

Traceability refers to the history of the coffee. We track and analyse our purchase and export data to demonstrate our commitment to quality coffee and the reliability of our suppliers.

Floozy’s sustainable coffee practices
From the moment the coffee enters through our doors we are reusing, recycling and upcycling everywhere we can!

We use a Loring S7 Nighthalk roaster, which saves approximately 80% in fuel and significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to other roasting machines.

In-house we recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can - for example, every part of each coffee sack is reused or upcycled, while anything that leaves our shop is also recyclable and compostable, our local wholesale orders are delivered in reusable tubs.

We do all this (and more!) every day to do our part for the environment. If we want to keep drinking coffee in the years to come, we need to make these changes or one day coffee may no longer be a viable industry.

We hope to continually improve our practices and continue to source coffees that will make your days better!