Our Story


Meet our Founder, Kmac (she/her)!

Kmac’s go-to coffee order is an oat flat white or a tasty batch brew. She works and lives in Newcastle, NSW alongside her partner, Hal (he/him) and is passionate about smashing industry stereotypes.

While working as a barista, Kmac noticed a lack of diversity within the coffee roasting scene. So, in 2017 she decided to carve out her own space in the industry that carried a salient message:

Floozy Coffee is here for everyone, and to be enjoyed by everyone.

As a woman-led business, Floozy aims to increase womxn's representation and diversity in positions of power and within the coffee roasting industry. Now, with a diverse and growing team behind her, Kmac is on a mission to keep sharing, learning and drinking specialty coffee with her community.

Our story
Our fellow coffee lovers see their baristas on a daily basis, sometimes more than our friends! That’s what coffee can do; it connects people. It’s also why Kmac and Hal opened their café and Floozy flagship store, Besties, in 2019. Most days the team are at Besties’ location in Newcastle NSW, roasting, packing and brewing.

In 2020, like many businesses, the pandemic threw a curve ball and the coffee stopped flowing. We were forced a change direction. Floozy’s wholesale roastery and the café operated out of the same tiny space. Therefore, the decision was made to close Besties, meaning we had to go back to skeleton staff and operations.

Since then, and through a lot of trial and error, Floozy’s wholesale roasting has grown and expanded, and plans are in place for Besties to reopen at some stage! Hal has since become a huge part of Floozy, transforming it into family business.

We are excited to share our journey in making sustainable, ethical and delicious coffee with you!

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