Our Story


Meet our Founder, Kmac (she/her)

Kmac’s go-to coffee order is an oat flat white and a batch brew. She works and lives in Newcastle, NSW alongside her partner, Hal (he/him) and is passionate about smashing industry stereotypes.

While working as a barista, Kmac noticed a lack of diversity within the coffee roasting scene. So, in 2017 she decided to carve out her own space in the industry.
The Floozy Story

Floozy began as a project with the belief that there should be more recognition of womxn and minorities along the Coffee Value Chain. It started as a tiny micro-roastery showcasing single origins, primarily filter roasts and has since grown into a family business that champions and represents diversity, fairness and transparency within the specialty coffee industry.

Floozy represents all coffee lovers and our goal is to make coffee accessible to everyone. Whether you drink filter or espresso, blends or microlots, we are passionate about coffee and the people who drink it.

Since roasting began in 2017, our goal has been to select coffee that we love and roast it in a way that brings a smile with every sip. We do this through the ethical sourcing of our beans, ensuring sustainable practices throughout the business, and making coffee that accommodates all coffee drinkers.


Floozy HQ
Coffee lovers see their baristas on a daily basis, sometimes we see them more than we see our friends! That is the power of coffee: it connects people. In 2022 we reopened the doors to Floozy HQ:
Visit us Monday - Friday / 7am - 2pm