Waking up to an empty pot of coffee in the morning is our version of a nightmare. Guarantee your daily caffeine with our customisable specialty coffee subscriptions.

The subscription is easy to manage and you will never run out of coffee again. Now that’s what we call the dream!

How it works:
There are four important steps to take:
1. Select your Coffee! Would you like our ‘blend’ or ‘single origin’ coffee? Scroll to the next section for more details.
2. If you don't have a grinder - what is your brew method? Do you use an espresso machine, stove top, AeroPress, plunger or pourover? This is how we determine the grind of your coffee. You can also select ‘whole bean’ if you have a grinder at home.
3. How much coffee will you need? We have the options of 250g and 1kg bags.
4. How often will you need to fill your subscription? We can fill your subscription every week, every month and any time in between.

Blend subscriptions
We have two blend options to choose from, our Lucky Stars and Golden Hour blends.
Lucky Stars is bolder, richer and more chocolatey. It’s our pick if you’re looking for something versatile because it tastes great black or with milk.
Golden Hour is our fruitier, brighter and lighter blend. If you enjoy lighter flavours or prefer drinking black espresso and long blacks, this is the blend for you.
Single origin subscriptions
Single origin coffee comes from a single farm in a specific region. Each coffee has unique characteristics and flavour profiles that are exciting to explore.
Floozy’s single origin subscription can take you around the world of coffee. With every order we’ll deliver a different microlot that’s suited to your preferred brew method.

When to pick ‘filter’ single origin
You love batch brew, or use a V60, black AeroPress or a black plunger.
Our single origin pick for you is a coffee that’s delicate, and fruity with bright and acidic notes.

When to pick the ‘espresso’ single origin
You love a long black, use a stove top brewer, or you drink AeroPress/plunger coffee with milk. Our single origin pick for you is a coffee that’s on the bolder side while maintaining a fruity flavour.

The coffee industry is seasonal, and farms located in different regions often harvest at different times. This means we get a diverse range of coffees year-round. With the single origin subscription, you’ll get to experience them all!