Finca La Fortuna [COE LOT]

Victor Felix Ramirez


Farm: La Fortuna

Producer Victor Felix Ramirez + Blanca Rubi Lopez

Location Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

Elevation 1650-1800masl

Process Washed

Sourcing Caravela

Victor Felix learned about coffee farming from his parents who were coffee growers. He worked in coffee for a long time and after he married Blanca Rubi they decided to buy a farm which was called La Fortuna. Their coffee story has now spanned over 35 years!

There are a lot of challenges facing coffee production right now, motivated by providing better income and a better future for their family business, they made the change to specialty coffee production. The focus of La Fortuna is now on cup quality, improved infrastructure and regeneration by planting native trees.


What is Cup of Excellence?

Cup of Excellence is the most prestigious competition and auction for high quality coffees. The level of scrutiny that Cup of Excellence coffees undergo is unmatched anywhere in the specialty coffee industry. Each year, thousands of coffees are submitted for consideration, with winning coffees sold in global online auctions at premium prices, with the vast majority of auction proceeds going to the farmers.

The competition is rigorous, with cupping evaluations conducted over a three-stage process by industry experts: first by a National Jury of about a dozen qualified jurors from the origin country, and then by an International Jury, comprised of approximately 20-25 experienced jurors from around the world.  A competition with 300 entries yields an average of 9,000 analyzed cups, with each “Top 10” coffee being cupped at least 120 times. This process ensures elite top-quality consistent coffees enter the COE auction. - Alliance for Coffee Excellence


We were lucky enough to purchase a cup of excellence lot at auction from Victor Felix. Having bought coffee from La Fortuna a number of times now, we were confident in the amazing coffee that is produced there. We are so happy to see the recognition for this farm and their amazing quality. 

This lot is a washed gesha and placed 5th with a score of 89.09.